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Those lessons imparted by the father – honor the groove, let soulfulness be king, bring your A-game but be humble and serve others – took root in the son’s approach to music, and are in evidence whenever his band, Critt’s Juke Joint takes the stage
Jeff MeirsPop music Critic
Jeff Meirs
Eric ‘Critt’ Crittenden-Jones on keyboards, saxophone, and vocals, uses the oeuvre of the Jerry Garcia Band and the Grateful Dead as a launching point for an improvisational journey, making each performance of each song a unique “trip” through previously unexplored musical space.
Daniel Regan Live Music News & Review
Daniel Regan 
Crittenden’s R&B vocals marry 1970s soul with 1990s hip-hop in a party atmosphere
JIM SANTELLA All about Jazz reviews
Blu is a jazz-rock-n-soul tour de force. With proactive lyrics, soulful vocals, and blazing sax leads, Blu is as progressive as it is classic. Crittenden has a unique way of taking new steps in music while keeping it respectful to the old school.
LeewayHome Grown Music Network
The Buffalo, N.Y.-based alto saxophonist and vocalist Eric Crittenden is best known for rocking with Bonnaroo-types, but he’s no hippie. On his own, “Critt” conjures up an earthy and unpretentious amalgam of jazz and R&B, a concoction that’s more Stevie Wonder than Widespread Panic. But that didn’t stop a pair of jamband A-listers from sitting in on his latest outing. Blu, funky and unfussy, features guest spots from bassist Rob Wasserman and Soulive guitarist Eric Krasno. On “Todd’s Chili,” a meeting of Meshell Ndegeocello funk and classic swing, Krasno is in fine form, tearing off lick after jazzy lick. “Stormy Blu,” the centerpiece of the album, captures Wasserman bowing away on his trusty electric upright and Critt wailing like a possessed man.
Brad FarbermanRELIX
Brad Farberman